Financial services firms are struggling to meet a broad range of global regulatory demands on data across the enterprise. The implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act has broadened these demands, such as the new Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) requirements for the recordkeeping of swaps trading records (Regulations 23.201-203). Firms are now required to have the ability to quickly and accurately reconstruct trades, including related pre- and post-trade communications (across voice, e-mails, instant messages, Bloomberg communications, files, and third-party messages) and to tag these records with the UTC time to the nearest minute.

Bloomberg Vault offers end-to-end record-keeping to meet these challenges across trades and communications, including voice compliance through a partnership with Orange Trading Solutions. The seamless integration allows on-site voice recording systems to deliver archived data directly to Bloomberg Vault for consolidated record-keeping, analytics, and search. Bloomberg can also tag these records by counter-party and archive your regulated trades. More than 550 firms globally rely on Bloomberg Vault as their enterprise archive, compliance, and e-Discovery platform today.

For more information on the Bloomberg Vault offering, please see our attached solution overview or contact Amy Wilson in Bloomberg Vault sales via phone +1 (212) 617 6580 or e-mail if you would like to speak with a Bloomberg expert.