Culture, cyber-risk, and third-party risk are all prime examples of areas that if not managed properly can hit an organization hard right where it hurts: its reputation. This eBook will explore how to turn these challenges into opportunities. Furthermore—in an era of global public shaming, viral outrage, and reputational risk—the art of delivering a good, sincere apology is perhaps more important than ever before. This eBook also will discuss ways to achieve that successfully.

Board members, too, have to worry about a whole other set of issues. Reputation risk is the strategic business issue for many boards and senior executives today, and yet few know how to address it well—despite many recent examples of reputational failures leading to catastrophic results. There is hope; a recent survey finds that many boards are increasing their awareness levels in response to increased regulatory expectations and reputational risk. This eBook will explore recent board trends and more concerning reputation risk and how boards can help improve corporate culture and operational details that lead to a well-run business.