Corporate investigations are a critical component of a robust compliance program; without the right resources to investigate allegations of wrongdoing, a company can suffer serious financial damages, and its credibility with regulators can also be called into question.

To help compliance officers and legal teams navigate those challenges, this e-Book produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ACL looks at what it takes to lead a successful internal investigation.

This e-Book opens with “Refresher: Discipline of Good Investigations,” which explores why companies need to maintain transparency and integrity throughout the investigation process. Next, in “Conducting a Thorough Global Investigation,” we examine how compliance officers manage the risks associated with an international investigation.

Following this, ACL’s white paper “Compliance Investigations: Technology Enablement of Best Practices,” discusses how to create a centralized investigation to minimize potential damages. In “A Compliance Officer’s Role in Investigations,” we look at how one chief compliance officer at a tech company handles complex investigations while maintaining good coordination with various functions. The audit committee plays a critical role in investigations as well; in “Internal Probes Fall on Audit Committees’ Plate,” we explore the effect of some investigations on financials and disclosures.