Europe has made significant advances in corporate social responsibility (CSR). European Union member states now back reforms where large companies will be expected to report on environmental and social issues, a move that shows how highly European investors value CSR initiatives.

In this e-Book, we examine how major European companies are preparing to meet the requirements of the new European CSR directive. While CSR can be difficult to implement, it is becoming a part of mainstream business culture and conduct—and by extension, part of the compliance function.

This e-Book opens with a look at the regulatory side of CSR. In “EU Companies Face CSR Reporting Mandate in 2016,” the author analyzes the current state of required reporting on CSR, and how companies can benchmark and support such efforts. Next, in “The Compliance Officer and CSR,” we explore how compliance and CSR can work together to meet new regulatory requirements. Finally, the article “Blurred Lines” illustrates the growing cultural and regulatory interest in CSR, which makes it difficult to identify where compliance ends and CSR starts.