In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, tax compliance remains top of mind for compliance professionals and business leaders. Whether it is adhering to federal and state regulatory requirements, or making sure that all transactions are accounted for, one minor misstep can usher in a series of new risks. Moreover, as technology continues to evolve, many multinationals are looking for new ways to stay in compliance and centralize their accounting processes.

In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ADP, we explore some hot-button issues in tax compliance for 2015 including regulatory challenges, oversight, and innovation.

First, we take a deep dive into how executives can get a firm handle on tax issues that the tax compliance teams does not directly control. Next, we provide some best practices, which include appointing cross-functional experts to strengthen the lines of communications between the various groups. Then, we take a closer look at the extended provisions that can affect many businesses and one major issue that many companies encounter—ensuring that all tax credits have been properly allocated.

Finally, we study the IT aspect of the processes and focus on ways to establish a robust tax compliance system.