In today’s complex business environment, almost every company depends on outside vendors and other third parties to some extent—and often to a great extent. Taming the increasing risk exposure and threats that come with managing third parties can overwhelm compliance officers.

This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ProcessUnity, reviews the latest thinking in vendor and third-party risk. It provides compliance professionals with everything they need to know about third-party risk management and how to avoid regulatory complications.

In the first article, we explore topics from a recent executive forum, which discussed vendor risks and why building a systematic approach is important. Next, in “Four Keys to Creating a Vendor Risk Management Program That Works,” ProcessUnity deconstructs the idea of vendor risk management and provides four principles that compliance practitioners should follow.

Then we examine what happens when third parties engage in bribery and corruption. “Mapping Third-Party Risks” discusses the size and scope of the third-party universe and why companies should have a plan to monitor their vendors. The article “Third-Party Anti-Bribery Compliance” addresses a top-of-mind issue for many business leaders: what to do when regulators get involved. Finally, in the article “Latest Trends in Anti-Corruption Training,” we study new and emerging trends in this area of third-party governance.