Numerous regulatory changes are on the horizon in 2016 that promise to keep senior financial professionals at public companies very busy over the next year and beyond, bringing even greater regulatory scrutiny and rulemaking. As finance professionals prepare to adapt to this new regulatory climate, they’ll have to overcome the inevitable compliance challenges that will arise.

In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with DisclosureNet, we first take a close look at the contentious debate between the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Investor Advisory Committee and the Financial Accounting Standards Board as these two agencies duel over controversial materiality changes that could substantially change how public companies approach financial reporting and raising capital.

We’ll also discuss a new accounting standard on how to recognize and measure financial instruments that inevitably will have broad implications on public companies. Next, we’ll explore some of the most pressing questions and concerns that the SEC sees emerging in the months ahead as the agency seeks to simplify its disclosure regime—and financial reporting executives will have plenty of questions in the months ahead. Fear not, because this e-Book will also discuss new ways to make disclosures more manageable, even in the midst of these tumultuous regulatory times.