The proliferation of digital media is creating huge opportunities for companies, but it’s also creating huge risks. As employee communication over social media websites grows more prevalent, companies must craft policies that don’t overly restrict the business from leveraging social media, while addressing both the regulatory and reputational risk that such communications create. In the financial sector, in particular, compliance officers have a new challenge: how to detect misconduct in real-time as financial services firms embrace the speed and efficiency of instant messaging services.

Digital marketing is also creating new privacy and security risks, as well. Data theft and fraud are rampant, and ways to find and seal up those weaknesses aren’t entirely clear. What’s more, the proliferation of digital data generated while using employee monitoring technologies is spawning a new set of data security risks that are keeping compliance officers busy.

In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with SAI Global, we explore how to effectively balance social media usage with compliance risk across all industries. We’ll also explore how companies can better assess their digital marketing risk, and how to better manage data security and privacy risks created by today’s modern technologies.