Research shows that many companies have yet to fully wrap their arms around the new regulations affecting revenue recognition. To complicate the issue, the 700-page document of new accounting rules contains uncertainties that require compliance officers to be on point with their game.

This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with KPMG, provides the reader with relevant and timely information on how to meet the recent changes in revenue recognition standards.

Throughout this e-Book, the authors explore the complexities and the well-defined controls that entities need to have in place. In “When Revenue Recognition and Executive Pay Collide” the author evaluates how compensation committees will be affected. Next, in “The Strains Emerge on Revenue Standard Convergence,” our columnist discusses his experience working with regulators. In KPMG’s “The New Revenue Recognition Standard,” the authors explore how compliance officers should start preparing for the new standards. Following this, “The Slog Begins for New Revenue Standard” examines what happens when the principles-based standard for revenue recognition collides with business and regulatory reality. Finally, in “Preparing Your Board for Revenue Recognition,” the authors tackle the dos and the don’ts of the underlying principles.