Data has broken free from the confines of computers and mobile devices, making it hard for pretty much anyone to control what is collected, how it is aggregated, and how it can be used. To make matters worse, a new breed of connected devices is becoming a far more difficult area to police and presents compliance officers with a unique set of challenges.

This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ACL and HP Security Voltage, provides the reader with useful strategies in the world of Big Data that compliance and audit executives can use to govern information effectively.

First, this e-Book discusses the challenge compliance officers face when connecting regulatory requirements to IT issues. Then, through the use of a case study, we take a closer look at the ethical use of data-gathering tools by companies. Following this, ACL explores key Big Data opportunities and risks that can transform the way audit, compliance, and risk professionals perform their work. Next, we examine the push into the next generation of auditing tools that could deepen the reach of external auditors into corporate books and records. Also, HP Security Voltage provides a unique approach to securing sensitive data in Big Data systems that enables compliance with PCI and data privacy regulations. Finally, we look at how regulators are dealing with the challenges of Big Data.