e-Book: What whistleblowers want compliance officers to know


Hear from Dee Dee Stone, who received the first-ever whistleblower payout from the SEC in 2012; Aaron Westrick, who blew the whistle on defective bulletproof vests sold by Second Chance Body Armor and manufactured by Toyobo Co.; Brendan Delaney, a healthcare software technician who reported on medical errors caused by flaws in eClinicalWorks medical records software; Andrew Russo, the investor who blew up the Ponzi-like scheme perpetrated by Archipel Capital; Jeffrey Smith, a software company owner who informed on four major cellphone carriers for not providing best possible rate plans; and Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins, who went to management with details relating to the company’s questionable accounting processes. This e-Book contains their legendary stories.

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