Technology is transforming the financial services industry in remarkable and significant ways. New intelligence is calling on audit leaders to embrace their new normal—that nothing is normal—and innovate with technology to face it. Financial institutions are also starting to think creatively—voluntarily banding together to strengthen their cyber-security defenses and provide additional protections for consumer account information. Evolving technology and cyber-threats are also transforming the way board members and senior executives must think about cyber threats and ways to protect the business.

In this e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in partnership with Workday, we will explore the many significant ways that technology is transforming the financial services industry. Topics discussed include how internal auditors can improve their responses to constantly evolving business disruption; how to build stronger cyber-safeguards; and more. Additionally, a special section by Workday will explore how financial services firms can shift from data hoarding to strategic decision-making.