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    EC takes on Ireland and Luxembourg over tax avoidance


    The long-simmering disputes over Ireland and Luxembourg’s tax treatment of Apple and Amazon are about to reach a boiling point with the European Commission.

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    European Union, Apple, and Ireland tax


    U.S. tech firm Apple has been ordered by the European Commission to pay €13bn (U.S. $14B) in back taxes, a move that has many up in arms and worried it may set a precedent for U.S. firms operating overseas. Neil Hodge has more.

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    EU tackles tax abuse in the wake of Panama Papers


    The Panama Papers document leak shed much light on a deep and pervasive effort to evade taxes. Since then, the European Union has passed a number of new rules to improve tax transparency and close tax loopholes. According to CW’s Paul Hodgson, the EU is only just getting started.