Edith Orenstein

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    Despite Progress, Anti-Corruption Risks Continue


    Last week KPMG released a report on anti-bribery and corruption programs that will surprise nobody: Compliance challenges are growing, and third parties are harder to manage than ever. After nearly a decade of anti-corruption awareness and compliance programs, then, the real question is: Why is anti-bribery still so hard? Inside, ...

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    Comment Letter Conversations Get a Bit Easier


    Those awkward conversations you have with SEC staff when they comment on your periodic filings? They’re getting easier. The number of comment letter conversations has fallen 50 percent in the last five years, suggesting overall improvement in financial reporting. “Obviously internal controls have gotten better at companies, and that certainly ...

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    The Keys to Better Access Control Systems


    Image: Gone are the days when “access control” meant locking your door or filing cabinet. Now compliance, IT, and audit teams must collaborate on controls to access networks rather than physical stores of information. Inside, we look at three best practices to design strong access control and at how to ...

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    Smaller Companies Struggle Forward on SOX Compliance, System Investments


    More grist for smaller reporting companies unhappy with your compliance burdens: A new report finds that although all businesses continue to invest in SOX compliance, smaller companies still report less benefit from the effort. Inside, we look at which parts of compliance are most troublesome for small filers (“If they ...