Unstructured information is at the core of any enterprise. It's one of the most valuable, yet difficult, assets to manage. Unstructured information represents 90 percent or more of an organization's data. Over the last decade, the rate of worldwide information growth has developed exponentially. With the explosion of information, the effective management of information provides an opportunity to differentiate; it also represents significant risk and cost for every business. Organizations need to address the explosion of data as a key competitive challenge as they face a digital realm that is growing in size and complexity.

Information governance in the context of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution helps address the proliferation of information in all formats. The need to develop information governance policies that encompass your entire organization is imperative and a requirement for the effective creation, management, storage, classification, retention, and disposal of unstructured assets. Read this paper to explore Enterprise Content Management as the fundamental practice of managing and extracting value from unstructured enterprise information.