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    A White House win: EPA will rescind 'Waters of the U.S.' rule


    Satisfying an Executive Order issued by President Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers will rescind the Obama Administration's "Waters of the U.S." rule.

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    EPA eases smog rules, is sued over methane emissions


    The EPA is easing up demands placed upon states regarding ozone and smog pollution. Meanwhile, environmental groups are suing over an unrelated retreat from existing rules targeting methane emissions.

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    EPA retreats from Obama-era methane emission rules


    The Environmental Protection Agency is putting a freeze on 2016 rules intended to reduce methane emissions and the release of other pollutants by the oil and gas industry.

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    EPA head touts ‘back-to-basics’ agenda


    During a recent speech, President Donald J. Trump’s pick to head the EPA announced a "back to basics" agenda and plans to undo  rules promulgated during the previous administration.

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    Volkswagen to pay $4.3B in emissions-cheating scandal


    Volkswagen will plead guilty and pay a total of $4.3 billion in criminal and civil penalties resulting from the company’s long-running emissions-cheating scandal. In addition, six Volkswagen employees are indicted in connection with the conspiracy. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    EPA, CFTC agree to share data


    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that allows the agencies to share Renewable Fuel Standard data and analysis, including proprietary business information. Sharing this information, the agreement says, will allow the CFTC to assist the EPA with investigations into ...

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    U.S. Sues Volkswagen Over Clean Air Act Violations


    Image: The Department of Justice, on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency, today filed a civil complaint against Volkswagen over allegations that Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by installing illegal defeat devices that impaired emission control systems in nearly 600,000 diesel engine vehicles. In a statement, Barbara McQuade, U.S. ...

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    Volkswagen Scandal Puts Yates Memo to the Test


    If ever a case of corporate misconduct could drive the Justice Department to follow through on its new promises to prosecute individuals more vigorously, the emissions scandal at Volkswagen is it. Still, finding individual culpability in the case will be difficult, given its focus on surreptitious software. “Figuring out who ...