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    Filing problems? SEC invites companies to ask for help


    Where one entity’s financial statements get impossibly tangled with another’s, the SEC is inviting companies to reach out and ask for some relief.

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    FASB drops simplification idea around equity method


    FASB’s proposal on simplifying equity accounting garnered 40 comment letters, nearly half from preparers. But while most expressed support for dropping the retroactive adoption requirement, responses to accounting for the basis difference were all over the map. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    FASB Proposes Changes to Stock Compensation, Equity Method Rules


    FASB is proposing updates to accounting standards that would target complexity in the accounting for stock compensation plans and the equity method of accounting. The board has proposed eight measures to revise requirements around income tax consequences, classification of cash flows, and more. In addition, FASB seeks to eliminate the ...