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    Top 10 risks that will keep executives on their toes in 2019


    A recent survey conducted by global consulting firm Protiviti and North Carolina State University’s Enterprise Risk Management Initiative reveals the top 10 risks facing board of directors and executive management teams in 2019.

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    COSO publishes ERM examples to show case studies


    COSO has published an addendum to its ERM framework to illustrate examples of how to apply the framework to real situations.

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    Carrie Di Santo: The trusted adviser


    Carrie Di Santo has built a compliance career by offering practical solutions that don’t just tell people “no,” but demonstrate how to do business safely and with integrity.

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    New study shows low levels of comprehensive ERM


    Formalized, comprehensive approaches to ERM are not terribly baked into corporate practices, according to a recent study by the accounting profession.

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    ERM for ESG risks: Companies have new guidance to ponder


    COSO is looking for feedback on draft guidance regarding how its ERM framework can be used to manage risks in environment, social, and governance areas.

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    COSO appoints new chair, may consider internal control guidance


    As new leadership takes the helm at COSO, the board is considering whether it can help sort out ongoing tension over public company internal control reporting.

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    COSO, IAASB form ties to sustainability reporting


    Sustainability reporting is breaking new ground in attaching itself to traditional financial reporting after an advocate has formed some new relationships.

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    New ERM framework links risk to strategy, performance


    Courtesy of COSO, companies have a new risk framework to consider that has the potential to drive a new risk mindset deeper into the organization.

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    How do your risk oversight processes stack up?


    A pair of recently published reports draw a straight line between strong enterprise-wide risk management and strategic execution.

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    Has the time arrived for a corporate overhaul of ERM?


    Corporate approaches to risk management are not keeping pace with the velocity and complexity of risk in today’s business environment. Is it time for an ERM refresh?

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    Third-Party Risk Management Summit takes a deep dive


    Get a recap of the Third-Party Risk Management and Oversight Summit, hosted by Financial Risk Associates and Compliance Week, which took an in-depth look at what companies are doing to manage third-party risks both on the sales and supply chain sides.

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    Ten simple ways to manage risk … or not


    When it comes to risk management, know how to spot the difference between programs that look good and programs that work, says Richard Steinberg.

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    6 critical steps to address enhanced CRA standards


    Those who furnish information to consumer reporting agencies need to make big changes to their methods; here are six key steps they can take, according to Amy Gennarini, Stephanie White Booker, Lakshman Kannan, and Marc Gagnon of EY.

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    Survey: Trials, tribulations of third-party risk management


    Jaclyn Jaeger has the results of a new survey jointly conducted by Compliance Week and Crowe Horwath that explores the many trials and tribulations of third-party risk management programs.

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    COSO issues new fraud risk management guide


    COSO, author of the most widely accepted internal control framework in the United States has released a new guide meant to help companies beef up their fraud risk management. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    Internal controls: trust but verify


    Tom Fox looks at the recent scandal at Wells Fargo leading to the Consumer Finance Protection Board’s $185 fine and the firing of more than 5,000 employees after basically telling them: “It’s OK to break the law, as long as we make money.”

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    The unconventional CFO


    Throughout CFO Jan Siegmund’s time at ADP, he has come to realize that when your business processes pay for millions of people, your business is more than payroll. It’s about compliance. An interview by Bill Coffin.

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    6 more ‘C’mon, man!’ moments


    Regular followers of CW columnist Richard Steinberg will recognize his ‘C’mon, man, moments’—those peculiar business world goofs that leave us all perplexed. From overboarding to outlandish expense reporting, enjoy this latest installment.

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    COSO offers up new ERM framework for review


    The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission, or COSO, has unveiled a proposed redraft of its 2004 ERM framework. “We wanted to create a more robust focus on risk in the strategic planning process,” says PwC Partner Dennis Chesley, a lead partner for the revision project. Tammy Whitehouse ...

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    Global risks driving transformational change


    As risk management in general improves, we are seeing more CEOs embracing risk management as a concept and as a practice. But we also see misdirected focus and lack of attention to some of the greatest risks and opportunities facing their companies. Where companies are getting it right, they’re driving ...