ERP Maestro introdcued this week a new free, no-commitment offering, the Pre-Audit SoD Scan (PASS), for companies of any size running SAP ERP software. The announcement comes as organizations begin to find it more difficult to pass audits due to higher expectations from external auditors in the wake of updates to the COSO framework.

PASS helps SAP clients understand what external auditors will see when they run their analysis of the clients' access controls, and give them the intelligence needed to proactively prepare for and pass upcoming audits. In a 30-minute session using a simple automated tool, the organization gets a complete analysis of their SAP access controls including a full user analysis, role analysis, and detailed conflict reports that expose all risks—down to the specific users executing on those risks.

End-of-year audit cycles are creating urgency within enterprises of all sizes looking to meet demanding requirements while balancing the rising costs of audits. The COSO 2013 update of the widely adopted internal controls framework, which will directly influence audit programs beginning this year, ushers in stronger requirements for completeness and accuracy that can only be accomplished by automated solutions.

As a result, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) is increasingly scrutinizing external audit firms that are not thoroughly examining completeness and accuracy of internal controls in organizations, including Segregation of Duties (SoDs). The 2014 results of the PCAOB's inspections of audits showed an average audit failure rate of more than 39 percent of inspected audits.

The ERP Maestro Pre-Audit SoD Scan is available to any organization running SAP ERP. There is no obligation to commit to a subscription with ERP Maestro. If the client is interested in continued access and generating new analyses, they may sign up for a free 14-day trial to evaluate the full access controls platform. To request a 30-minute PASS session visit here.