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    White paper: Sustainability Disclosure Goes Mainstream

    2019-12-06T08:35:00Z Provided by

    Executives increasingly take stakeholder considerations into account when they make decisions, and directors have a fiduciary duty to understand the environmental and social impacts of the business and related implications to the company’s risk profile and strategy. 

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    SEC petition, Senate bill seek rules on ESG disclosures


    Climate change activists are upping the pressure on public companies to disclose the risks they face due to a potential environmental catastrophe. Those efforts include an SEC petition for rulemaking and a new Senate bill.

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    ERM for ESG risks: Companies have new guidance to ponder


    COSO is looking for feedback on draft guidance regarding how its ERM framework can be used to manage risks in environment, social, and governance areas.

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    SASB opens comment period on ‘Exposure Draft Standards’


    Four years in the making, and the penultimate step in a six-year plan, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board has opened its latest "Exposure Draft Standards" for 79 industries for public review.

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    Investors demand more ESG disclosure, new study says


    Investor interest is growing in getting expanded information out of companies about their environmental, social, and governance issues, based on a recent global study.

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    SASB Unveils Guide for ESG Disclosures


    For companies that want to integrate sustainability and corporate responsibility reporting into existing 10-K or 20-F disclosures, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board recently issued a new reference document intended to assist that integration. The implementation guide will help issuers achieve three objectives: identify the industry-specific sustainability topics most likely to ...

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    Is CSR Part of the Compliance Operation?


    Corporate social responsibility is now big business in Europe. How the compliance function intersects with CSR, however—and what role the compliance officer should play in CSR oversight—is still unclear. In the final part of our series on CSR, we look at how several European companies are trying to embed CSR ...