Startup or established: Common denominators of corporate ESG strategy


Newly hatched companies and long-established multinationals might appear poles apart, but they share something in common: the pressing need for a rigorous environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program.

A pair of experts swapped notes on how to scaffold and structure an ESG program at Compliance Week’s virtual ESG Summit on Wednesday. Their respective organizations were vastly different: one was a century-old, thriving company; the other, a now-defunct startup. The leaders explored the commonalities in their approaches and the implications of their companies’ maturity on the execution of their respective strategic initiatives.

Becky Haney, program manager for ESG data and reporting at furniture manufacturer Steelcase, said the company’s ESG practice started a year ago. The decision “came about from reading some foresight research, looking at what’s going to be happening down the road, and seeing so much rigor added and compliance expectations increasing,” she explained.

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