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    EBA investigation linked to AML activities at Danske Bank


    The European Banking Authority is formally investigating a possible breach of Union law by the Financial Services Authorities of Estonia and Denmark in connection to the Danske Bank money-laundering scandal.

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    Danske Bank CEO quits over money laundering failures


    The chief executive of Denmark’s biggest financial institution has resigned following the publication of a report that highlights large-scale money laundering in the bank’s Estonian operations.

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    Getting to the heart of what went wrong at Danske Bank


    A long-running money laundering scandal at Denmark’s biggest lender has resulted in one of the bank’s executives stepping down, but he’s unlikely to be the last.

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    Europe Postpones Financial Transaction Tax Deal


    Eurozone nations have yet to reach a deal regarding the new controversial European financial transactions tax, but they could reach an agreement by mid-2016. The proposal received support from 10 nations—with the exception of Estonia, which cited concerns about the January 2016 implementation deadline. Industry analysts believe that even while ...