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    The U.K.’s coming auditor rotation nightmare


    Noting that a number of U.S. headquartered banks are due to rotate their U.K. subsidiary auditor soon, the FRC said this would result in the group auditor in the U.S., which is not required to rotate, being different from the U.K. subsidiary auditor. What then?

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    Auditor rotation: Are we going round in circles?


    Mandatory auditor rotation is an idea that goes in and out of favor among various countries, leading to no common practice anywhere. So, Paul Hodgson asks: Why is the whole world chasing its tail on this issue?

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    New EU auditor rotation rules have auditors playing musical chairs


    Are companies ready for new EU-wide auditor rules coming in June? A survey commissioned by Big Four firm EY of 100 senior-level executives and non-executives in the FTSE 350 finds that while a majority, 83 percent, understands the rotation rules, only 42 percent have a plan in place. More than ...