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    The Big Challenge in New EU Data Protection Law: Values


    Image: This week European officials agreed to a final text for a sweeping new data protection law. Compliance officers in the United States should brace themselves: not only does the legislation threaten huge fines and complicate corporate marketing efforts enormously; it underlines the fundamentally differing views Europeans and Americans have ...

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    How Will Schrems Ruling Affect FCPA Compliance in Europe?


    Image: The Schrems decision last week invalidated the safe harbor provision that let U.S. companies ferry personal data back and forth from Europe. Already compliance officers are beginning to sweat the implications of that ruling for anti-corruption programs. First likely headache: hotline data. Tom Fox, our Man From FCPA, has ...

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    Double Trouble in Internal Investigations After Schrems


    Image: Last week another huge shift in the compliance world happened: the Schrems decision by the European Court of Justice, finding that the previously presumed European Union Safe Harbor regime is invalid. For the anti-corruption compliance practitioner, the decision is double-trouble when you consider it in light of the recent ...