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  • Abanca

    Abanca fined $3.3M for missing 2-hour breach reporting deadline


    The European Central Bank fined Spanish bank Abanca €3.145 million (U.S. $3.3 million) after it “knowingly failed” to report a major cyber breach within the prescribed two-hour time limit.

  • European Central Bank

    ECB questions AMLA’s effectiveness over scope, resource concerns


    The European Central Bank believes the European Union’s proposed new anti-money laundering agency needs to have a wider scope of direct supervision and more staff if it is going to be effective.

  • Article

    European Central Bank announces data breach


    The European Central Bank announced unauthorized parties breached the security measures protecting its Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD) Website, which is hosted by an external provider.

  • MoneyLaunderingWar

    Nordic and Baltic regulators join to combat money laundering


    Regulators in eight Nordic and Baltic countries are developing a joint effort to exchange information with regard to fighting money laundering.

  • Blog

    Nouy: bank regulation must be consistent, harmonised


    Image: European banks are much improved since 2012, with greater stability and resiliency. A challenge, however, is to ensure consistent and equal rulemaking throughout EU member states. That was the prognosis offered by Danièle Nouy, chair of the supervisory board of the European Central Bank, during an address to European ...

  • Blog

    Regulator Calls on ECB to Tighten Its Rules of Engagement


    Image: The European Central Bank’s transparency woes continue as Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly is urging the central bank to build a robust rules of engagement practice by putting a stop to banker meetings ahead of setting policy. O’Reilly said ECB officials should not give investors any advantage over rivals prior to ...

  • Blog

    ECB Delays Review of Banks’ Risk Models


    The European Central Bank has extended its review of banks’ internal risk models up to four years. The banking supervisor plans on conducting a thorough examination on how some of the Eurozone’s biggest banks are calculating its capital. Deutsche Bank, Santander, and Société Générale are some of the financial institutions ...

  • Blog

    ECB Says Financial Sector Regaining its Momentum


    Eurozone banks are expecting to provide more loans to companies in the coming months—a move that puts the banking sector back in the spotlight amid a downturn in recent years. The European Central Bank (ECB) said in its quarterly Bank Lending Survey that “there have been substantial improvements in the ...