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    Google and Amazon’s Antitrust Woes Continue


    Image: This week, Europe’s Antitrust Chief Margrethe Vestager escalated a running regulatory battle with American tech giant Google—and Amazon is not too far behind. While the European Union launched an investigation into Amazon’s business practices last week, Vestager recently warned the online retailer about abusing its dominance in the marketplace ...

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    Britain to be Exempted From EU’s Structural Reforms


    Britain will be cleared of EU reforms that drop the axe on risky trading activities among big banks. The draft law was presented Wednesday to the EU’s state ambassadors for review. If it receives their support, the proposed law will be passed on to Parliament on Friday for approval. ...

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    SFO Loses Corruption Trial Against Three


    Three men charged with bribery offenses by Britain’s Serious Fraud Office were acquitted last week, after the jury was unable to reach a verdict on one count against the third defendant and was discharged. The SFO had charged the trio, former employees of Swift Technical Solutions, for paying bribes to ...

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    MasterCard May Face Some Antitrust Issues in the European Union


    European Union regulators are set to launch an investigation into credit card giant MasterCard after reports emerged about the company’s anti-competitive practices among the 28-nation bloc and its overall fees system. In a statement, MasterCard said it “is working with the European Commission on the issue as part of an ...

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    Belgium's Robust AML Regime


    While Belgium has made significant progress in tracking down anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financial (AML/CFT) activities, a lot more work needs to be done, says a recent report by the Financial Action Task Force. In April, the European Union approved new draft rules that reflect the need of its member ...

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    EU to Postpone Capital Rules on EU Banks


    The European Union is again planning to postpone new capital rules on EU banks to hold more capital when trading derivatives with unapproved foreign exchanges. In response to the financial crisis, the United States formulated its own trading guidelines without giving European regulators sufficient opportunity to weigh in, experts say. ...

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    EU Antitrust Regulators Focus on e-Commerce


    Image: The European Union is looking into the possible breach of antitrust laws in e-commerce practices. The inquiry may lead to enforcement actions against companies that restrict online sales and “abuse” their dominant position in the market. Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s antitrust chief, said that although the investigation will produce ...