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    U.S. considers export controls for AI, other emerging tech


    The Commerce Department is proposing what may end up being the government’s first regulatory regime for the use of artificial intelligence technology. Other cutting-edge technologies are also under consideration for enhanced export controls.

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    The ZTE Department of Commerce Monitor: uncharted waters


    As part of the resolution to free itself from a U.S. sanction, ZTE has agreed to the unique position of having a court-appointed monitor and one from the Department of Commerce, leading to concerns of a clash of ideas and authority.

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    New sanctions, export controls guidance from DoJ


    The Justice Department just made it a lot harder to get credit for voluntarily self-disclosing potential violations of sanctions and export controls. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    New Commerce Department rule harmonizes export controls regime


    Export controls can be tricky business, especially regarding the transmission of technical data over the cloud—something becoming ever-more common in modern business, yet currently constrained by tough export controls. New rules from the Commerce Department could change all of that. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    Rule Change to Ease Export Controls in the Cloud


    Image: Good news: U.S. export control regulations may finally be catching up to modern cloud computing technology, with new rules to focus on keeping sensitive data secure rather than on where the data is stored. Defense and tech companies are likely to be beneficiaries, as they could now use cloud ...