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    Little external audit improvement post-Carillion collapse


    Only half of U.K. company secretaries feel that the level of service their organisations get from their external auditor has improved in the wake of the Carillion crisis and other corporate governance scandals.

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    SOX-related audit costs rise again in 2017, poll says


    Half of the largest public companies saw SOX-related audit costs rise in 2017, driven by regulatory pressure, M&A activity, and new accounting rules.

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    Companies get proactive to control audit costs, report says


    Companies are mitigating increases in audit fees, and in some cases are even reducing audit costs, using some key tactics outlined in a new report. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    FERF report spotlights audit possibilities via technology


    For companies still struggling to get their arms around financial compliance, especially with respect to internal control over financial reporting, technology may provide the answer, according to the Financial Executives Research Foundation. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Audit Voices Try to Calm Tensions on Evidence


    Image: Leaders of the auditing world are calling for a truce in arguments between internal and external auditors over how much evidence external auditors should collect themselves while scrutinizing internal controls—and are calling on audit committees to intervene earlier to prevent such disputes. “Essential value will be lost if external ...