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    Conflict minerals, extractive payments rules suffer fatal blows


    The SEC’s controversial conflict minerals rule and extractive payments disclosures will soon be gone, leaving companies to rethink corporate sustainability and compliance. Joe Mont has more.

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    Congress targets extractive payments, CFPB, and government conflicts


    Democrats and Republicans alike are pushing legislation that could greatly affect regulators and regulations. Among the efforts is a Republican-led effort to kill the SEC’s extractive payments rule, writes Joe Mont.

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    SEC is back with another extractive payments rule


    In 2012 the SEC issued a rule requiring oil, gas, and mining companies to report the payments made to governments for extraction rights. It was promptly sent back to the drawing board after a successful legal challenge. Now, the Commission is back with a revised rule. Joe Mont looks at ...

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    After lengthy legal setback, SEC adopts extractive payments rule


    With initial rulemaking on the matter sent back for a rewrite after a successful lawsuit by industry groups, the Securities and Exchange Commission this week finalized a rule that requires companies to disclose payments made to governments for the commercial extraction and development of oil, natural gas, or minerals. Joe ...

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    SEC Extends Comment Period for Extractive Payments Rule


    The Securities and Exchange Commission has extended its public comment period for its second attempt at a rule requiring the disclosure of payments made to governments by energy and mining companies for extraction rights. The new deadlines are Feb. 16 for the first round of commentary and March 8 for ...

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    SEC Makes Second Attempt at Extractive Payments Rule


    The SEC re-proposed its extractive payments rule on Friday. The controversial rule, already vacated once by an industry lawsuit, requires public companies to report annually payments they, subsidiaries, and entities they control make to governments for the commercial development of oil, natural gas, or minerals. Initial comments on the proposed ...

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    SEC Takes Another Crack at Extractive Payments Rule


    After years of delays and lawsuits, the Securities and Exchange Commission will meet on Friday morning to debate whether it is ready to propose a new rule that requires publically traded oil, gas, and mining companies to disclose payments made to governments for extraction rights. The Dodd-Frank Act mandate led ...

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    SEC Agrees to Issue Extractive Payments Rule By June 2016


    The SEC will adopt a new rule by next summer requiring oil, gas, and mining companies to disclose payments made to host governments. The news came in a court filing on Friday, the latest move after a federal judge ordered the agency to propose and adopt the rule as soon ...

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    Court Gives SEC Deadline to Act on Extractive Payments Rule


    A federal district court has ordered the SEC to get moving with its long-delayed requirement to adopt a rule for oil, gas, and mining companies to disclose payments made to foreign governments. Ruling on a lawsuit brought against the SEC by Oxfam America, the judge concluded that the SEC “unlawfully ...

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    SEC Punts Extraction Payments Rule to 2016


    Image: The SEC says it will not issue a proposal requiring oil gas, and mining companies to disclose payments made to governments until spring of 2016. “We’re surprised and disappointed that the SEC would push back its timeline yet again,” said Ian Gary, senior policy manager, extractive industries for Oxfam ...

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    Oxfam to SEC: Cough Up Extractive Payments Rule


    Oxfam America has fired its latest legal broadside against the SEC, filing a brief in court saying the agency cannot re-arrange deadlines on Dodd-Frank Act rulemaking no matter how busy it might be. The two sides are in a legal tussle over when the SEC will issue a rule on ...

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    SEC Nixes Proposed Deadline for Extractive Payments Rule


    The deadline demanded by Oxfam America for a final rule requiring oil, gas, and mining companies to disclose payments made to foreign governments is “unachievable,” the SEC said in a recent legal brief. The brief is the Commission’s final word in a lawsuit Oxfam America filed in 2014 over delays ...

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    U.K. Enacts Disclosure Demands on Oil, Gas Companies


    The United Kingdom has agreed to new disclosure requirements for companies that pay governments for extraction rights and access to natural resources. It is the first country to pass legislation enacting European Union directives that require member states to impose new requirements on oil, gas, mining, and lumber companies. A ...

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    What SEC Rulemaking Generates the Most Buzz?


    What rule proposals and petitions before the SEC attract the most comment letters? Not surprisingly, investors and their advocates flooded the SEC’s mailbox with form letters supporting measures such as enhanced whistleblower protections and disclosure of political contributions. Less feedback came from corporate representatives concerned with new rules on the ...