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    Third time’s a charm? SEC adopts controversial extraction rules


    After two failed iterations, the SEC has approved revamped rules laying out what commercial oil, natural gas, and mineral extraction companies must disclose about payments they make to U.S. and foreign governments.

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    SEC revives resource extraction disclosure rules


    The SEC voted to propose a new version of rules that would require resource extraction issuers to disclose payments made to foreign governments or the U.S. federal government for the commercial development of oil, natural gas, or minerals.

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    SEC is back with another extractive payments rule


    In 2012 the SEC issued a rule requiring oil, gas, and mining companies to report the payments made to governments for extraction rights. It was promptly sent back to the drawing board after a successful legal challenge. Now, the Commission is back with a revised rule. Joe Mont looks at ...

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    After lengthy legal setback, SEC adopts extractive payments rule


    With initial rulemaking on the matter sent back for a rewrite after a successful lawsuit by industry groups, the Securities and Exchange Commission this week finalized a rule that requires companies to disclose payments made to governments for the commercial extraction and development of oil, natural gas, or minerals. Joe ...

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    As SEC Delays on Extractive Payments, World Moves Ahead


    The SEC has fought all sides on its proposed rule to disclose payments to governments for mining rights: oil and gas companies on one hand saying the rule is flawed; activists on the other saying the rule is overdue. The trouble, however, is that while the SEC tussles in court, ...