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    Anatomy of a FATCA case


    The Department of Justice recently secured its first ever criminal conviction under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. For compliance officers, in-house counsel, and internal audit, the case provides a rare look into the inner workings of a FATCA scheme and resulting undercover sting operation.

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    IRS winds down voluntary disclosure, ramps up investigations


    Just as the IRS bolsters its international enforcement capabilities and activities, it is also phasing out its voluntary disclosure program.

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    Critics seek to slay FATCA through tax reform


    A coalition of business leaders is looking to repeal the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act as part of any tax reform initiative in Congress.

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    Tipalti adds accounts payable tax compliance support for Argentina and Brazil suppliers


    Tipalti, a global supplier of payments automation, has extended its accounts payable tax compliance capabilities to help companies collect and validate tax IDs from their suppliers in Argentina and Brazil. Businesses engaging with suppliers and partners in those countries can now ensure tax compliance by recording tax information for those ...

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    Podcast: Getting a Grip on Legal Entity Compliance


    Not only is identifying every party to a financial transaction complex, regulators are paying closer attention to the topic, known as legal entity management. In this week’s podcast, we talk to Ron Jordan, chief data officer for the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp., a post-trade financial services company, about improving ...

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    OECD Completes FATCA-Like Regime With More Reporting Obligations


    Image: Title: PlowgianThe Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development has finished the Common Reporting Standard to govern the exchange of tax information among more than 50 countries. While the United States is not a participant, says KPMG principal Michael Plowgian, subsidiaries or branches of U.S. entities will need to comply ...