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  • Novartis

    Novartis to pay $347M to resolve FCPA investigations


    Novartis will pay nearly $347 million in combined criminal and civil penalty settlements with U.S. authorities to resolve all FCPA investigations into historical conduct by the company and its subsidiaries.

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    Is a country sweep coming to South Africa?


    The recent corruption scandal to focus on McKinsey & Co., SAP, and KMPG in South Africa has driven home a truism that many in the compliance space have known for some time: South Africa is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. For U.S. and U.K. companies doing business ...

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    Yates’ exile from Justice Dept. could fuel corporate uncertainty


    President Trump has fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates over her opposition to a ban on Syrian refugees. Companies should pay close attention to aftershocks that could affect government prosecutions and FCPA enforcement, writes Joe Mont.

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    China continues to be a source for FCPA violations


    An astounding 16 corporate FCPA enforcement actions in 2016 were derived from China, leading The Man From FCPA Tom Fox to explore how to tackle business relationships with the complex country.

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    Hiring practices trigger $264 million in FCPA fines for JPMorgan


    JPMorgan Chase will pay more than $130 million to settle FCPA violations related to hiring the friends and families of government officials in Asia. Joe Mont has more.

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    Will VW impact international settlements for bribery and corruption?


    The Man From FCPA Tom Fox explores the fallout from VW’s emissions-testing scandal and how the company will make restitution going forward to its customers, dealers, and other stakeholders.

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    New legal liabilities after Panama Papers?


    The Man From FCPA, Tom Fox, looks at the implications behind the United Kingdom’s new mandate that banks selling to offshore companies in “murky territories” will be held responsible if it facilitates tax evasion by wealthy individuals, and how that mandate relates to anti-corruption compliance.

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    The SEC asks Novartis, ‘Haven't we met before?’


    After settling an FCPA enforcement brought by the SEC in March, Novartis is now under criminal investigation in South Korea for alleged illegal payments to physcians. Should the SEC reopen its investigation?

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    SciClone Settles with the SEC on FCPA Enforcement Action


    Title: SciClone Settles with the SEC As SciClone Pharmaceuticals settles with the SEC for FCPA violations committed by a Chinese subsidiary, Tom Fox considers how the finer points of granting favors to government officials merits greater compliance scrutiny.