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    Q&A with Kara Brockmeyer: How pandemic has impacted third-party risk


    In advance of her keynote at Compliance Week’s upcoming TPRM virtual event (Sept. 17-18), former SEC official Kara Brockmeyer discussed with CW the heightened risk third parties have during a pandemic and what companies can do about it.

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    Advice for compliance from new DOJ Criminal Division head


    Acting Justice Department Criminal Division head Brian Rabbitt shares his perspective on recent updates to the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guidance, the FCPA Resource Guide, and more.

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    FCPA Resource Guide revision a gold mine for compliance officers


    The first update to the SEC and Justice Department’s FCPA Resource Guide since it was published in 2012 includes several clarifications intended to benefit chief compliance officers and in-house counsel.

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    Continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring


    Your compliance program should use ongoing monitoring to both evaluate and improve your regime going forward. And, writes Tom Fox, don't forget to: document, document, document.

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    Federal Judge Limits Scope of FCPA Liability


    A recent decision by U.S. District Judge Janet Arterton for the District of Connecticut has rejected the Department of Justice's "accomplice" theory of liability under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, substantially limiting the reach of the government’s enforcement arm under the FCPA. The ruling in the case, in favor of ...