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    Fiat Chrysler fined $9.5M for ‘misleading disclosures’ on diesel emissions


    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has agreed to pay $9.5 million to settle allegations from the SEC that it made “misleading disclosures” regarding an internal audit of emission control systems for diesel vehicles it sold in the United States.

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    Next in line for regulatory troubles, Fiat?


    Fiat, which was recently flagged by the EPA for pollution violations, could be a reminder to companies to scour the news for details on any regulatory investigations of their peers and perhaps to begin scrutinizing their own books and records, says The Man From FCPA Tom Fox.

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    When good-intentioned sales incentives go bad


    When do sales incentives move from the realm of legal to the realm of the nefarious? When do company communications become so code-word laden as to demonstrate corrupt intent? Tom Fox explores this latest trend that occurred at Fiat-Chrysler.