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  • Coronavirus-China

    SEC: Potential impact of coronavirus on audit quality


    The SEC and PCAOB have issued a joint statement updating their recent conversations with audit firm leaders on audit quality oversight challenges in China, including the potential impact of the coronavirus on financial disclosures and audit quality.

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    CFPB warns financial companies about sales incentives


    The CFPB is warning the financial world to be leery of sales quotas that can lead to consumer harm and legal violations. Joe Mont has more on a bulletin from the Bureau that addresses best practices for a targeted compliance monitoring program.

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    Make it clearer, says Financial Reporting Council


    The Financial Reporting Council has given audit committee chairs and finance directors a shopping list of improvements it expects companies to make to their annual reports. Paul Hodgson has more.

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    Firms face after-shocks of Labor Department’s fiduciary rule


    The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule for investment advisors has already stirred a firestorm of controversy, but one way or another, says Joe Mont, the financial advisory world is looking at a transformational change in how it operates by next April, with such high stakes that no one may want ...

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    GE unveils new approach to investor reporting


    GE might seem an unlikely company to take a lead in the push to simplify financial disclosures. A multinational conglomerate with a long list of business lines, its inherent complexity might seem to make it ill-suited for such a task. And yet, GE is aggressively taking the lead, notably with ...

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    Amid Financial Reporting Changes, SEC Offers Cautions


    With changes looming on accounting standards for revenue recognition, leases, financial instruments, and more, skittish corporate accountants often turn to the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance and staff accountants, relying on phone briefings and pre-clearing consultations to get ahead of financial reporting issues before they result in an SEC comment ...