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    Medical device CEO convicted of $750 million securities fraud


    A federal jury has convicted the former chief executive officer of a publicly traded medical device compan for his role in orchestrating a fraud scheme that led to $750 million in shareholder losses.

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    The Vinci code: fake news press releases


    A fake press release sent French construction firm Vinci into a downward spiral, provoking action from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers to get busy on reforms to prevent such damaging incidents.

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    Audit quality improves as a result of oversight and regulation


    Revised EU audit rules have formalized the Financial Reporting Council's role as the United Kingdom’s competent authority for audit. This and more developments have created a regulatory regime that is actually improving audit quality across the board. Paul Hodgson has more.

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    A Closer Look at the SEC's Financial Reporting Cases in FY 2014


    As I have previously discussed here in detail, the SEC announced in 2013 that it would be greatly sharpening its focus on accounting fraud cases. Among other things, the agency established a Financial Reporting and Audit Task Force in July 2013 staffed with lawyers and accountants specifically focused on generating ...

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    PCAOB Queues Up Fraud Talk; Latest Report Offers Tips to Resist Fraud


    Audit regulators are assembling their closest advisors this week to take a closer look at the latest thinking around what motivates auditors and what tools and skills they bring to the effort to detect financial reporting fraud.