The WSJ reports that Scott London -- the former KPMG partner who pleaded guilty to insider trading in June 2013 and was sentenced to serve 14 months in prison in April 2014 -- is now out of prison. London reported to a minimum security prison in July 2014, where he served about eight months. Later this week, London will leave a halfway house and serve out the rest of his sentence (until July 25, 2015) in home detention.

One of the many consequences to London for his conduct was the loss of his $900,000-a-year job with KPMG. At his arraignment in June 2013, a remorseful London told reporters that he would need to work to support his family after getting out of prison -- even if he had to "wait on tables," he said. It appears that it will not be necessary for London to wait tables, however, as he has already scored a new job in “special projects.” London declined to tell the WSJ the name of his new employer, but his LinkedIn profile has been updated to reflect the following Experience:

Assistant to the CFO

Local Computer Company

April 2015 – Present (3 months), Greater Los Angeles Area


Retired Partner


January 1984 – March 2013 (29 years 3 months), Greater Los Angeles Area

“You’ve got to be ready to accept different things, and I’m looking forward to doing different things,” London told the WSJ.