Marketing teams are continuing to increase investments in social media as they see continued success from this new channel of communication. The average Fortune 100 firm has over 320 branded social accounts, with over 200,000 followers and 1,500 employee participants—creating a complex compliance landscape with a flood of messages from various sources that compliance teams now need to track.

Download this report to see how Fortune 100 compliance teams are functioning in this difficult environment with analysis of regulatory compliance incidents identified from scanned social media content posted to over 32,000 social accounts of Fortune 100 firms.

Key Resource Findings:

The average firm suffered from a total of 69 unmoderated compliance incidents that went virtually unnoticed by internal compliance staff

Financial services firms accounted for the largest incident volume with over 5,000 incidents (over 250 per firm)

Nine different U.S. regulatory standards triggered incidents. A few examples include FINRA Retail Communications, FFIEC / Regulation Z, FTC Sweepstakes, and SEC Regulation FD, and FDA Adverse Drug Experience

Best practice social media compliance controls are inconsistently enforced with only 47 percent of brand posts made via marketing and content publishing applications

The report also digs into key social media compliance challenges behind the numbers, a taxonomy of common incidents, real world examples, and steps that you can take to better manage social media compliance.