FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm, today announced the launch of Radiane, a new visual analytics software platform that enables organizations to dynamically investigate and understand their enterprise data. Developed by FTI Consulting’s technology segment, Radiance is now available either as a cloud-based service or as a rapid deployment mobile option. 

“Mission-critical information resides across disparate systems, from legacy applications inside the corporate firewall to third-party cloud software, and this data can make or break an investigation or legal matter,” said Eddie O’Brien, senior managing director in the technology segment at FTI Consulting and primary inventor of Radiance. “Organizations need an easy-to-use, scalable platform that connects with their data and enables users to iteratively investigate and quickly act upon the information."

O'Brien said Radiance delivers against this need with speed and visual analytics that help users rapidly identify key custodians, date ranges and document types during early case assessment (ECA) or an investigation to determine the social network, communication pattern and information shared by key custodians.

Industry Trends

According to Gartner’s "State of eDiscovery in 2015 and Beyond" report, the following business trends are impacting how corporations respond to legal and compliance matters:

Rapid data growth and risk concerns have propelled many organizations to rethink their current e-discovery practices and technology. This is triggering a new cycle of technology upgrades, with the focus on analytic capabilities. 

Migration to Office 365 has set off evaluation discussions and upgrade projects on e-discovery processes and tools.

New data sources and increasing concerns about data sovereignty are driving emerging requirements and expanding the consideration of e-discovery scope and technology usage.

Radiance allows organizations to connect, enrich, analyze and visualize millions of documents from these disparate sources in a single user interface. With a powerful search engine and a library of advanced visualizations including social networking, communication patterns, concept clustering and timelines, Radiance can aid organizations in a number of common use cases. This includes investigations, early data assessment and the identification of high-risk data such as personally identifiable information (PII). Radiance’s workflow is also integrated with FTI Consulting’s market-leading Ringtail® product to facilitate the review and production of data as part of a regular e-discovery process.

Designed for speed and scalability, Radiance is built on NoSQL technology and powered by a flexible workflow to:

Connect: Link with, quickly ingest and process data from a wide variety of sources, including legacy file systems, Office 365, Google Docs, local file systems and social media sites.

Enrich: Extract concepts and specific types of data, such as credit card numbers or other PII, de-duplicate redundant data and classify documents by languages and concepts for deeper analysis.

Analyze: Search, browse and explore data and concepts with powerful analytics using metadata, including date, custodian, language, social network and communication patterns.

Visualize: Cut through the data to hone in on important concepts, timelines, relationships, social networks and other variables with interactive and dynamic visualizations.

Radiance demonstrations will be available at the Legaltech New York 2016 conference from Feb. 2-4, 2016 in booth 2100.