FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm, announced the latest version of its Radiance vsual analytics software platform. With enhanced visualization and similarity search features, Radiance enables organizations to quickly analyze Big Data in support of investigations or pre-discovery fact-finding.

“Risk, compliance, and legal teams around the globe are grappling with the challenges of managing early case assessments and internal investigations due to volume and complexity of data found in today’s organizations,” said Eddie O’Brien, a senior managing director in the technology segment. “With the Radiance platform, we are harnessing the powers of machine learning, text analysis, keyword search, and data visualization to give these teams an efficient and rapid way of exploring, analyzing, and managing complex data sets.”

New features of Radiance now include:

Partition visualization: Investigations can quickly begin with a high-level overview of all the concepts found in the data set.

Social networks: Users can view connections and drill down into communications between multiple parties with a single click.

Similarity search: Easily accessible through the Radiance toolbar, investigators can quickly home in on important data and find similar materials across the dataset.

Enhanced data filtering: Users can cut the data to focus on custodian names, file types and custom fields, such as personally identifiable information (“PII”).

More detailed reports: Easy to generate and share with an investigative team, users can create comprehensive, visual reports which document the statistics associated with keyword searches, facet selection and visualizations.

Radiance, launched in January 2016, allows organizations to connect, enrich, analyze, and visualize millions of documents from disparate sources in a single user interface. With a powerful search engine and a library of advanced visualizations, Radiance can aid organizations in a number of common use cases, including investigations, early data assessment and the identification of high-risk data such as PII.  Radiance provides a natural complement to FTI Consulting’s Ringtail® legal review software, and is delivered in the cloud through the Ringtail Software as a Service (SaaS) environment.