FTI Technology, the e-discovery and information governance segment within global business advisory firm FTI Consulting, today announced the launch of its new Information Governance and Compliance services offering. This new service provides companies with expertise, defensible processes, and technology to develop, implement, and augment information governance programs.

Specifically, FTI Technology’s Information Governance and Compliance services offering is designed to assist companies in reducing risk, cutting storage costs, securing data, and improving the effectiveness of their e-discovery process by enabling faster and deeper insight into data. The services offering is flexible and can range from a single short-term project to a complete transformational service with ongoing monitoring.

“Beyond technical skills and legal expertise, our Information Governance and Compliance services offering brings to bear a wide range of capabilities, from structured data analysis to enterprise-wide change management best practices,” said Jake Frazier, senior managing director in the Technology segment at FTI Consulting. “We are focused on delivering practical, measurable and cost-effective information governance services that provide tangible business benefits to our clients.”

Specific examples of this new offering include:

Scan and quarantine sensitive data, including personally identifiable information and trade secrets: Creating security safeguards that alert teams to the presence and location of unsecured sensitive data and also identify/remediate data on “BYOD” devices before employees leave the organization.

File share cleanup: Aligning retention policies and legal holds to defensibly dispose of unnecessary data and reduce both cost and risk.

Divestiture data segregation: Appropriately segregating organizational information, document processes and limit the risk from future third-party subpoenas.

E-discovery process improvement: Helping companies review and refine existing e-discovery processes, technology and workflow across matter management, litigation hold, identification, preservation, collection, analysis and review.

Decommission and dispose of business applications in a defensible manner: Migrating data to new business applications and defensibly remediate old applications and the data within them. 

Broadly, FTI Technology’s Information Governance and Compliance services offering addresses signficant corporate data challenges with safety and defensibility by mining, storing, migrating, and disposing of corporate data, as well as designing and implementing defensible e-discovery and information governance policies that are cost-effective and do not disrupt business operations.