James Gerson, who served as a board member of FuelCell Energy for 22 years, resigned from his position on Dec. 18, citing the company's failure to address limited domestic sales.

“For some time I have advised the chairman of the company, the board of directors, and the management of the company of what I view as a failure to adequately address the limited domestic sales of fuel cells,” Gerson wrote in a letter to the company. “Having been unable to effect any material changes, I resigned.”

Gerson was also chairman of the audit and finance committee and a member of the executive committee, as well as the nominating and corporate governance committee. Following his resignation, FuelCell Energy appointed John Rolls as chairman of the audit and finance committee, and Togo West as a member of the audit and finance committee.

The company also appointed James England as a member of the nominating governance committee, and William Lawson to the executive committee.