Back in August 2013 I wrote about the "gamification" of compliance training after True Office announced the release of an anti-insider trading game that uses the scenario of a fictional investment bank that is accused of insider trading. But why stop there?

As of this week, investment banking itself has been gamified with the release (via FT Alphaville) by a company called ansarada of "The M&A Game." The M&A Game allows you to "pit your deal-making wits against the business universe. Buy, sell and merge companies on your way to total corporate domination." Players must determine things like "what company will you buy? At what price? Will you make a killing or a humiliating backdown? Haggle, flatter or deceive your way to a great deal. Ethics strictly optional!"

Check out the trailer for The M&A Game below and maybe you, too, will become a "LEGEND IN THE M&AKING."