The deadline has been set. Penalties of up to $1,000,000 for failure to report have been outlined. This Bloomberg BNA report brings you expert analysis and practical guidance to comply with the Physician Payment ‘Sunshine' Rule, which mandates certain manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) to report payments made to physicians, hospitals and other health-care providers.

As the health care industry looks toward the August 1st deadline set by CMS requiring data collection to begin and submission of electronic reports due by March 31, 2014, Getting Ready for the Physician Payment ‘Sunshine' Rule, from Bloomberg BNA presents an expert view of the practical implications of the rule and what applicable manufacturers and GPOs can do to prepare.

This expertly written report helps you:

Determine immediate action items for compliance with the rule—11 key suggested steps are outlined

Clearly define the various entities who need to report and those that are exempt

Understand exactly what types of transactions need to be reported and what needs to be included with each reportable payment

Identify some more nuanced areas of the rules, from speaker fees to research payments

Learn from insights of attorneys and industry groups as they discuss the impact of the rule on their clients and interests