Global Governance, a global professional advisory firm, announced the launch of its technology arm, Global Governance Software, and Stakeholder Capital Management Platform (SCMP) technology.  

In collaboration with Global Governance Advisors, the firm’s advisory group, Global Governance Software’s cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) suite of data analytics and shareholder relationship management tools enhances the firm’s overall offering, providing companies of all sizes with the tools and resources they need to make more informed corporate governance decisions related to executive and board compensation, compensation design, shareholder management, and investor relations strategy.

Global Governance Software was established after Global Governance’s acquisition of Toronto-based NovaShare, a financial technology company that develops cloud-based software to help businesses and corporate advisors manage their shareholder and proxy information.

Global Governance’s SCMP technology is the only SaaS product on the market to offer a broad suite of corporate governance tools and services that can be customized based on an organization’s needs and resources. It targets corporate secretaries, investor relations professionals, HR professionals, boards of directors, executives (CEOs, CFOs), and public and private companies.

The software is available through three platforms: emPowerIR - Investor Relations and Shareholder Services Software; emPowerHCM -  Human Capital Management Software; and emPowerBoards - Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Software. Together, the solution supports five key functioning areas within a company:

Shareholder Profiling: Through data analytics, companies can build profiles of its shareholder base to better understand who owns the company and the underlying voting guidelines.

Board Effectiveness: By automating the time intensive board evaluation processes, the SCMP makes the administration and reporting of Board Effectiveness simple, seamless and accessible on any device in any connected location.

Proxy Voting Analytics: Global Governance’s analytics team compiles comparative proxy voting data to help profile an institutional shareholder base. Reports are designed to guide engagement dialogue and influence upcoming voting.

Compensation Benchmarking and Pay-for-Performance: A benchmarking solution for HR committee members and HR managers, a four step reporting process generates custom peer groups, compiles real-time disclosed compensation data and provides a comparative review of the top 5 NEOs. 

Communications Automation: An all-in-one marketing automation solution for shareholder communications. The shareholder engagement platform is CASL compliant, and enables targeted stakeholder communication.

“Global Governance Software has reimagined how organizations can gain greater access to data and manage shareholder relations, while reducing operational costs, information governance and security risk,” said Jeffry Powell, CEO, Global Governance Software. “With the launch of our Stakeholder Capital Management Platform, we have made corporate governance simple through technology.”