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    Sapin II aims to challenge France’s culture of corruption


    France’s anti-corruption law reflects its growing interest in embracing whistleblowing and getting clear of U.S. FCPA enforcement actions. Rodrigo Amaral reports.

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    Straddling the global enforcement pond


    Matthew Reinhard discusses the complexities involved in navigating joint United States, United Kingdom investigations.

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    Modern slavery: the global construction industry’s open secret


    The global construction industry is a hotbed of criminal labour exploitation, but alert compliance officers can do something about it. More from Paul Hodgson.

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    Dutch trade union brings legal action against FIFA


    The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the subject of another legal action for failing to ensure that the rights of migrant workers are respected as they work on projects connected to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Neil Hodge reports.

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    I’m alright, Jack: worker representation on boards


    As new U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has recommended worker representation on company boards, the question arises: Would this be better handled by promoting voluntary adoption, or by setting legal requirements? Paul Hodgson reports.

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    Post-Brexit, is the sky falling in the U.K., or is it business as usual?


    A mix of positive and negative indicators signal an uncertain economic impact for the U.K. from its June 23 Brexit vote, but the longer-term view still trends negative. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    U.K. boardrooms still ‘pale, male, and stale’


    Across the United Kingdom and Europe, gender diversity requirements often go unmet, keeping boardrooms across the continent the same old boys’ club. Neil Hodge has more.

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    Theresa May: unexpected champion of employee board members


    British Prime Minister Theresa May surprised everyone when she pledged to push for the installation of workers to company boards. But how will she actually accomplish that goal, ask Stephen Davis and Jon Lukomnik. And will other nations follow the U.K.’s lead?

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    A look at Mexico’s new anti-corruption regime


    Mexico is getting serious about stamping out corruption, but that might make life difficult even for honest foreign companies operating within the country. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    U.K. CEO pay: rebuilding trust between owners and managers


    Two reports issued last week strongly criticized U.K. executive pay. But, perhaps more importantly, both also welcomed many of the new Tory Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals on pay and corporate governance. Paul Hodgson has more.

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    Sports Direct is a Victorian workhouse or a gulag, not a warehouse


    A case of shocking workplace conditions within a European Union-era United Kingdom raises an unsettling question, says Paul Hodgson: Once Brexit occurs, will cases like this become more likely?

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    New U.K. PM hints at governance reforms


    Theresa May has not minced words over her planned governance reforms as the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister. She says the country needs deep economic reform, including a review of executive compensation and gender equality in the boardroom. Neil Hodge reports.

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    Brexited: what lies ahead for the United Kingdom


    The fallout continues after the United Kingdom’s historic vote to leave the European Union. As the reality of it sets in, Paul Hodgson looks at what Brexit will mean for the U.K. financial markets, political landscape, and compliance needs.

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    Advice for U.S. companies, post-Brexit: Keep calm and carry on


    We may be months away from clarity on what the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU means for U.S. companies with a multinational presence. Certain compliance challenges are inevitable in light of changing data privacy demands, labor concerns, trade and tax issues, and the prospect of starting from scratch ...

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    Is this U.K. Shareholder Spring III?


    Amid numerous shareholder revolts at U.K. companies over executive pay, Paul Hodgson examines how, since pay votes became binding two years ago, the shareholders themselves are wasting no time to exercise their power in which might be less of a demonstration and more of a revolution.

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    Is the French governance code about to become more shareholder-friendly?


    Image: French financial markets regulator Autorité des Marchés Financiers has issued a report comparing countries’ various corporate governance codes, and it looks as if France has some work to do. While the AMF won’t be rewriting France’s code, says spokeswoman Christèle Fradin, it would like their suggestions taken into account, ...

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    Will Olympus see FCPA trouble in China?


    Trouble seems to follow Japan-based Olympus. The company, which admitted in 2011 to a $1.7 billion accounting fraud, is once again facing corruption allegations. Olympus hired China-based Anyuanto to help turn it around, despite the fact that Anyuan’s chairman had previously been convicted of fraud; Olympus’ contract wasn’t with Anyuan ...

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    New EU auditor rotation rules have auditors playing musical chairs


    Are companies ready for new EU-wide auditor rules coming in June? A survey commissioned by Big Four firm EY of 100 senior-level executives and non-executives in the FTSE 350 finds that while a majority, 83 percent, understands the rotation rules, only 42 percent have a plan in place. More than ...

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    Indian Supreme Court ruling expands FCPA coverage


    Image: A landmark judgment issued by the Indian Supreme Court could have the broader effect of significantly expanding the compliance risk that companies face under numerous anti-bribery laws, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. CW’s Jaclyn Jaeger examines this latest development that, according to FTI Consulting’s Anuj Bugga, “introduces ...

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    Complying with Brexit


    As the United Kingdom gets ever closer to withdrawing from the European Union, no small amount of economic turmoil and compliance headaches are sure to follow. For compliance officers at companies doing business in Europe and the United Kingdom, the possibility of a Brexit provides the sort of job security ...