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    Study: Energy Sector Behind Spike in Goodwill Impairments


    A TEXT released this week by Duff & Phelps finds that U.S. companies recorded $26 billion of goodwill impairment, an 18 percent increase from $22 billion in 2013. The increase was largely driven by oil and gas companies. The survey also uncovered a pronounced uptick in public companies’ use of ...

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    FASB Plans to Drop Step 2 of Goodwill Impairment Test


    Image: FASB plans to drop the second step in the current two-part test to determine goodwill impairment, a nod to public companies eager for a simpler approach to deciding writedowns. Greg Franceschi, managing director at valuation firm Duff & Phelps, says, “By removing the second step of the test when ...

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    SEC Relaxes View on Goodwill Impairment Test Date


    Staff members at the SEC are easing up their expectation on preferability letters when companies decide to change the date of their annual goodwill impairment testing. Acknowledging the judgment that goes into making such a determination, staff members will no longer request a preferability letter to be obtained and filed, ...

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    Goodwill Impairment Drops to Five-Year Low


    Public companies reported the lowest levels of goodwill impairment last year since the financial crisis touched off a downward spiral in corporate values beginning in 2008. According to Duff & Phelps’ annual study, public companies recorded writedowns totaling $21 billion in 2013, down nearly 60 percent from the $51 billion ...