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    Signals and virtue


    As business leaders publicly resign from Presidential economic committees in light of President Trump’s Charlottesville comments, “tone from the top” matters now more than ever.

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    Fiduciary rule follies: court ruling creates presidential dilemmas


    The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule passed its latest legal challenge, with a dressing down of plaintiff’s concerns by a federal judge in Texas. The ball is now in the Trump Administration’s court. Joe Mont reports.

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    Romania faces anti-corruption demonstrations


    Romania’s attempt at amending legislation to make it more tolerant to abuse by government officials was far from well received by the general public, writes Neil Hodge.

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    Fillon and Trump: the nepotism boys


    President Trump and France’s would-be President Fillon face nepotism charges, but the playbook for both appears to pretend the rules simply don’t apply. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    Conflicts of interest already hound Trump


    President-elect Trump won the White House by offering a break from politics as usual. But he is already displaying a worrying array of conflicts of interest, writes Bill Coffin.

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    Human Trafficking Rules Now in Effect for Government Contractors


    On March 2, new reporting requirements related to human trafficking went into effect for nearly 300,000 government contractors. Those performing work exceeding $500,000 outside the United States must develop and maintain a trafficking compliance plan and certify that, to the best of their knowledge, neither they nor any sub-contractors engage ...

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    Federal Contractors Face Human Trafficking Compliance


    A new rule amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation requires that federal contractors doing more than $500,000 in business outside the United States develop a human trafficking compliance plan and certify that, to the best of their knowledge, neither they nor any of their sub-contractors has engaged in forced labor.

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    Preparing for 2015 Employment Tax Compliance


    As companies begin planning for tax compliance in the coming year, they are finding 2015 to be a mixed bag. The good news is that payroll and other tax law changes are minimal; the bad news is that some companies may see hikes in their tax rates. “Thankfully, ...