DXC Technology announced Carla Christofferson has been appointed chief risk officer to lead the company’s risk and security efforts.

Christofferson will report to Mike Salvino, DXC’s president and chief executive officer, as a key advisor on embedded and emerging risks. In her role, Christofferson will lead risk management, including the ethics and compliance function, cyber-security preparedness, resiliency and security, brand protection initiatives, and asset protection.

She also will be advancing DXC’s enterprise-level resilience strategy to enable leaders to respond to security and business disruptions in an efficient and consistent manner, keeping the safety and security of employees at the forefront while protecting company assets.

Christofferson brings significant experience in senior leadership roles. Prior to joining DXC she was at infrastructure firm AECOM, where she served as executive vice president and chief legal officer. She led AECOM’s risk management; IT security; physical security; and safety, health, and environment departments.