Panorama Mortgage Group (PMG) announced the hiring of Ryan Kerian as chief compliance officer and general counsel.

Kerian, who joined PMG in August, has more than 15 years of experience and has held a variety of leadership positions both within and outside the mortgage industry. In this role, Kerian is aligning legal, compliance, and operational functions while driving overall growth of the company. He is also responsible for protecting the interests of both the company and its clients as technology advances and demographics rapidly change.

This is the first time PMG has combined mortgage compliance and general counsel into one role.

Kerian previously served as chief administrative officer and general counsel for GoPrime Mortgage, where he managed operations, resource allocation, and budgeting while helping to develop the company’s strategic vision. He also served as deputy general counsel for Celebrity Home Loans, where he had wide-ranging responsibility for corporate governance, contract and vendor management, employment, compensation, risk, licensing, and litigation matters.